o magazine february cover

O Magazine, February 2012 | Photo: Ruven Alfanador, Set design: Sam Cook, Lettering: Dana Tanamachi

Happy New Year everyone! Just off the coattails of a mini-sabbatical, I'm honored to share my newest project with you: O Magazine's first hand-lettered cover! Departing from the traditional Valentine's Day-themed cover art for February issues, the folks at O called me up to collaborate on something a little different—and that we did!

A few months back, I showed up to the Chelsea studio where the cover shoot would be taking place. I arrived in the early evening and immediately got to work. The brief: Express Yourself! And so I did. Thanks to the team at O for basically letting me doodle whatever my heart desired. I was later asked to be present at the photoshoot in case any minor adjustments needed to be made—it was a lot of fun watching from the sidelines. Seeing Oprah stand in front of my work was something I never expected to see in my lifetime, that's for sure.

I have to give a shout-out to the O Editor at Large, Gayle King, for taking me under her wing and inviting me to participate in the shoot. If it were up to me, I'd be hiding behind a curtain somewhere in the back (I may or may not have been guilty of that). Gayle made it a point to introduce herself and offer many words of encouragement.

Oh, and she made sure this happened:

Photo courtesy of George Burns

Page 18 of the issue features a behind-the-scenes look at our collaboration

We had so much fun doing the cover, that I was called back in to create another large-scale piece for the feature story. There are also several other smaller pieces smattered throughout the subsequent article. I was also honored to be interviewed by O Magazine and featured on the issues' "Behind the Scenes" page (pg.18).

O Magazine, February 2012 | Feature Story Opener Spread

A terribly faded picture of me working in the studio (you get the idea!)

The issue is on newsstands now, so pick up a copy if you see it! Many thanks to Chris Pino and Eric Ryan Anderson for their skills. Happy February to all!